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More and more private, confidential and deligate information is being exchanged over e-mail nowadays and causes high legal and security risks and threats to organizations. MailID reduces these risks and threats related to e-mail and therefore can be used for highly secure purposes. At the same time by following the international standards and regulations MailID empowers a tremendously huge cost reduction by evading the usage of tradtional fax or postal exchange by introducing secure document exchange by e-mail such as secure electronic invoicing or statements distribution.

MailID email encryption, decryption and signing is an email gateway plug-in that encrypts, decrypts and signs your incoming and/or outgoing email and attached documents. Because MailID serves as a general SMTP email server plugin, it is compatible with and can easily be integrated with any existing email infrastructure without the burdens and high costs of software licensing and administration.

MailID currently supports two encryption standards and ID Control’s authentication solutions:
S/MIME based encryption, decryption and signing;
PDF based encryption and decryption and sign-on with MessageID (SMS OTP) or static password.

S/MIME based encryption, decryption and signing
S/MIME provides authentication, message integrity and non-repudiation (using X.509 certificates) and protection against message interception (using encryption). S/MIME uses public key encryption (PKI) for encryption and signing.

PDF based encryption, decryption and sign-on
PDF encryption can be used as a light-weight alternative to S/MIME encryption. PDF encryption is really very simple. PDF readers allow you to decrypt and read encrypted PDF files. All you need to do is type the password in a box. This password of course, should not be sent to you by email. MailID sends the password by SMS – short message service named MessageID – to your cell phone or provides a static password. This means that recipients of your encrypted email do not need to install software, they do not need to download keys or certificates, they don’t even need to click a link. All they do is open the attachment, type over the password out of their SMS or which was communicated by phone to them and read the message. When the recipient replies to the encrypted PDF the recipient is taken to a secure online portal (via HTTPS) where a reply message can be composed (attachments can be added to the reply as well). The reply message is securely sent to the original sender of the PDF encrypted email.

In additon to email encryption, decryption and signing ID Control also offers the option for legal and compliant Email Archiving with MailArchiva.

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